Cheyenne Dutter

My name is Cheyenne. I am just a girl trying to chase of her dreams, but never really knew how. Until now. in February 2016, I was offered a sample of Berry Greens. I said, YESSS! Of course! Who doesn't like free samples!? I was also looking for a healthy supplement I could take to help me feel better all day long! I tried it, and I was immediately hooked! I had never had greens that tasted so good! The next day I decided I was going to take this and run with it! I was the newest member of the itWorks team! And I still had no idea what this was! Fast forward to now, I am motivated leader that has fallen completely in love with this lifestyle. Freedom. Health. Fun. Cute clohtes. Awesome products. What more was there to love? Oh yeah, helping crazy amazing people like you! Everyone deserves this opportunity. So lets take it and run!

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